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The best products began with the best design. We believe design should be simple, intuitive and functional. Complexity for the sake of complexity leads to products that are impossible to use and maintain. Above all, the end product must work without fail. That's were our years of design and development pay off for our clients.


We are developers. We understand the development process from conception to project completion and the never ending need to continually evolve using newer development tools and methods.

We are also technologist who understand and enjoy working with the technology behind what we do from chip level to the latest programming language.


Design and development mean nothing unless a product can be delivered. We pride ourselves on beginning where other's give up.

Our Products



What is Amcept

Amcept is a software design, development and consulting firm based in Birmingham, Alabama specializing in mobile device app development. We work as principal contractor or sub-contractor to companies with new product ideas or with existing products needing refinement.

What we do

  • Android development
  • IOS development
  • Product strategy, consulting and development

Amcept, LLC.

Birmingham, Alabama


Jim McCullers has over 40 years experience designing software, including involvement with hardware design, for systems ranging from high performance mainframes to single chip embeded processors. His work has included communication and operating system design, with early involvement designing distributed networks and databases.

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